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My temp dipped .5 degrees this morning.

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This could be an ugly, ugly trend. I woke up a little early, but only by a half hour. The only other difference was that I went to bed a little later and woke up by an alarm clock (rather than naturally). In trying to make myself feel better, I keep thinking that maybe I normally wake a up a few times and doze off somemore before temping, but today I woke up cold (literally).

Now I'm completely paranoid. We're going on vacation with my in-laws tonight (meeting up with them tomorrow), and we are planning on telling them while we're there. Sticky vibes sticky vibes sticky vibes!
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I hear you! Take a look at my chart - I've had two dips so far (.3) and each has really freaked me out. But each time, it has only stayed down one day, and then next day it went back up. I mean, this is my first time being pregnant, so I can't say that in the end it all turned out fine (though I can't tell you how hard I'm
. But for what it's worth. If you don't notice anything else worrisome, I'd say try to wait until tomorrow morning and see what your temp is then. (Believe me, I know how hard that is!!) I've been told some fluctuation is normal - and even when you're charting normally sometimes there are temps that are just way off for no apparent reason.

eta - the changes you mentioned could have thrown it off a bit - maybe it still would have been down a little, but not as freaky of a drop. Also, has the weather gotten cooler at all? That's one thing I've wondered about my temps - we had a week or so of temps in the 90s, which is really hot for us, and over the past week or so the temps outside have cooled down some, around the time that mine have gotten a tad lower w/the two dips. I don't know, but another theory...
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Mine dipped over a degree a few days ago - I had no cramping or anything unusual, and it went back up?!?

chart link
Those dips are exactly why you're supposed to *stop* temping after you get your BFP!
It's normal for your temp to fluctuate; continuing to temp is just another reason to stress yourself out over something that more than likely doesn't mean anything.
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I don't know much about temping (we use NFP but just follow other fertility signs). I hope everything is ok though. Like others said, I'll bet some fluctuation is perfectly normal.
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