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I am.

I went and got a new one and took my temp the instant I walked through the door. 98. My spotting is turning dark brown and getting heavier too.
I was so upset that I took a bath and had a good cry. I had a huge hissy fit about my body messing with my head. If I'm not pregnant then it has to stop! What's with the pink spotting on day 10 and the spotting on day 6. What's with my hair stop falling out and all the other symptoms that are so perfectly timed. If I'm so powerful that I can conjure up symptoms I didn't even know about then why can't I be powerful enough to make my hair color perfect or maybe add a couple inches to my height so buying clothes would be easier. And if I am pregnant than I need to stop acting like I'm gonna start my period.
Like I said...I'm having a hissy fit.
My guy says I'm cold to the touch but I was sweating. I ate something, and took some Tylonal. Then I stuck both thermometers in my mouth at the same time. One said 98 and one said 97.9.
I'm so achy and I got a headache that just won't quit.
I think I might have a low grade fever. I always get a low temps instead of a high temps when I get sick...and My guy did have that cold that made him go on anti-biotics.

I hope that by morning I either have really high temps or my period starts.
Tomorrow is CD 23.
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