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my time has come

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well ladies, this is it!tomorrow morning i am going to the hospital to meet the new man in my life via c-section!though i can't v-bac like i would've wanted to i have to remember that the end result is the same,a beautiful baby!
hmmm,not such a bad result
wish me luck cuz' i am sooo nervous!
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Good luck mama...I hope the birth is everything you need and deserve, and that you heal quickly and well with your little one in your arms!

I can't wait to hear the story and see the pictures!
good luck to you! wishing you an easy delivery and speedy recovery. give your new man a squeeze for me. i so need a newborn fix and mine just isn't cocoperating and coming out.
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Have a wonderful first day with your new son! Don't c-s get easier each time -> my 3rd was way easier than my first!
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