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So Livi used to go to bed around 8pm and sleep until about 7am. We have been going through teething issues (eyeteeth--blech!) and while two are out, two are still on the way. For awhile she was refusing to go to sleep, waking every hour or so, and just having a rough time. Now she won't go to sleep until 10pm, and while she might wake up a couple times--or not at all--she sleeps until 9am or later. In fact, she is still sleeping now at 9:20am. She is in a crib in her own room and is 21 months old.

We have tried to cosleep again just to help us all sleep better, but if we try at bedtime, before she has actually gone to sleep, she just wants to play (and this is laying there for an hour or more). If we try during the night when she wakes, she won't fall back asleep, just tosses and turns restlessly. The one way she will sleep is if we sit with her in the recliner, but then again she is very restless and moves a lot. She initially falls asleep (or mostly asleep) while nursing, then I put her in the crib. Sometimes we do this with nightwakings too, but more often than not it just wakes her up more.

Plus, we also have a 3 month old who needs to nurse at night. Last night I felt so bad because I fell asleep in the recliner with DD1, and DD2 woke up hungry. DH didn't want to bring her out to the living room because DD1 would wake up, so she had to wait until I heard her crying (with DH holding her) from the living room (about 25 feet away). Then I had to go put DD1 down, hoping she wouldn't wake up, and come back to nurse DD2.

Part of me thinks that since we have no real commitments during the day that it doesn't matter how long she sleeps--at least she's sleeping! But then she is awake during the only time that DH and I have together, which is frustrating. I do expect her to be awake for some of it, just not all of it, KWIM? And sometimes we do have things we need to do earlier in the morning--probably once or twice a week. Oh, and then it throws off her afternoon nap... I can't get her down by myself because DD2 will not stand to be left alone if awake, keeps DD1 awake if she's in the room while DD1 is falling asleep, and only twice have I managed to get DD2 to sleep at the right time so I can put DD1 down. So I have to put DD1 down for a nap when DH is home on his lunch break.

Argh. Too much information, I know, but I can't stop typing.
: Anyone have any ideas? Or going through something similar??
if you are.

~~I know that our sleep arrangement works better for her than cosleeping, but I'll put in this little explanation anyway, just for people who don't agree: Around 10-13 months, she started waking every 45 minutes and wanting to nurse back to sleep. I tried soothing, patting, getting up and rocking/walking, etc., nothing worked. One night (about 14-15 months) out of sheer sleep deprivation, I laid her down in the crib in our room (which hadn't really been used at all until then) and patted her bottom. She fell asleep within two minutes. That night she still woke up every 45 minutes, but I would pat her and she would be asleep again in less than 2 minutes. No crying--I would wake to her stirring. After 2-3 days of this, she was sleeping 3 hour stretches. After a couple weeks, she was sleeping 11 hours without nursing or waking--NO CRYING. We moved her into another room just before DD2 was born, because she is a very light sleeper, and it didn't bother her in the least. We have a video monitor that is cranked so loud I can hear her breathe, and I often wake up at night when she rolls over. I couldn't sleep if it was any quieter, KWIM?~~
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