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my toddler is a lazy potty goer

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my 2 yo started using the potty about 3 weeks ago. he is really good about going IF I TELL HIM TO GO. but if i don't stay on him he will pee in his underwear or diaper. i know he is kind of young anyway but i have not pushed the issue at all, it was his decision to start.

tell me i am just not being patient enough. does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get him to be more aware? or should i just stick to what we are doing. btw, i never scold him or punish him for having accidents. i just remind him that we need to go pee pee (or poop) on the potty and not in our underwear.
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You might try naked training. That's how I did it with DD. She started using the potty while naked one night and I just went with it. I let her run around for the next few weeks naked or in a T-shirt or dress. Didn't take long before she was very aware and doing great. Getting her to wear pants again, OTOH, took us several days of many accidents, but she did it. Each time, I would just remind her gently: "pee-pee is for the potty, not for the pants," then promptly get her into something dry so she knew the good feeling of clean, dry pants. I never made a big deal, never scolded, never was anything but gentle (even though I got pretty tired of cleaning up accidents some days!). Eventually, she got it.

You haven't been at this long. I would say, either try naked or just be patient. Your DS will get it soon. Don't take accidents as failures - they are just a natural part of the learning process. Sounds like you're doing great and being very gentle and patient. Hang in there! This milestone is sort of like losing the last vestiges of babyhood, isn't it?
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"This milestone is sort of like losing the last vestiges of babyhood, isn't it?"

tell me about it, how did my little snuggle bug baby turn into this independent, very busy toddler?!

thank you for your positive thoughts. i actually have tried the naked thing. i just have more carpet than tile and it's kind of to go with that! i guess i have been looking at it as failures because lots of moms i speak to say it just took a week for them and they had it. i am definitely very patient with him and don't show him my frustration of having to scrub poop off the carpet! i just need to be more patient with myself and know he will get it.

thanks again.
I know your frustration well, believe me I know. I started off ECing my dd1 at 6 mos. old. When she got older I tried to encourage and bribe her and all that. She had control very early, and mild interest sometimes. But what I really should have done was lay off and let her do it when she was ready. Make it her achievement, not mine.

I'm not going to even bother PTing dd2. She will do it when she's ready and in the meantime I have enough stress in my life and don't need to add PT to it. Esp. when they all PT on their own whether we push or bribe or whatever, or just let them alone.

BTW my oldest PT at 3 years 8 mos. old but still has the occasional pee accident when she's not feeling well. At age 4.5. And guess what? I don't care. She know how to change her undies and she know where the hamper is so what's it to me?

My toddler is 16 mos. and capable of staying dry all night, and capable of holding it for up to 3 hours, as she proved at the ped's last week when we were trying to collect a urine sample from her. But she has zero interest in pottying except to come in while I'm on the toilet and shred TP. I'm not caring at bit. When she's 5 I might ask her to start changing her own diapers though.
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i totally agree with you on not forcing it. i actually hadn't even thought about getting him started. i figured he would let me know when he was ready. well, he saw his cousin,who is a little older than him, using the potty. that was it. he wanted to "do like noah!" so it was his choice to start. we do have dc#2 coming in september. as much as i would love for ds to be done by then, i am not going to push it.
Hey Jeannie!

We just bought a potty for Em the other day. She's been very interested in the potty lately, and she has been staying dry all night, taking off her diapers when she's wet/poopy, etc., so I got her a potty. She even knew what it was when I set it up, and immediately took off her diaper and sat down on it. But she wouldn't actually use it. In fact, she sat on the potty for about 15 minutes, stood up, walked across the room, and peed all over the floor! :LOL So I leave the potty out so that she can sit on it and check it out, and she knows what it's for, so I'm leaving the rest up to her.

My SIL said that my nephew who turned 3 last week has been training off and on since he was just barely 2. She said that for a while he was doing great on the potty, and then he lost interest, and he's back to only wanting to use diapers, and she said that her friends and her ped. told her it's normal, and to just let him do his own thing.
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