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My trees are dying.

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My trees are infested with a fungal disease known as 'Verticillium Wilt".

I planted these trees in my kids treeless play yard so they would have shade and maybe even trees to climb as time went on. So far I am going to have to replace 4 trees, and it is making me sad, and angry.

I realize now that I will probably never be able to have a maple tree here, which hurts so much. I miss Maple trees . However, the wilt fungus stays in the ground for up to 15 years. There is no way to kill it, or prevent it from occuring.

The only thing I can do is remove the dead trees, burn them and then replant with resistant trees.

I cried a bit about this..but I still feel really sad about having to go out there, dig these dead trees up, cut them up and burn them. I had pictured watching my kids lay in the shade beneath them, and perhaps even my grandchildren being able to play beneath them as well.

I have one solitary oak tree that is still healthy, and I am so afraid that it will die as well..everyday I look it over and am relieved to see healthy leaves.This oak tree is not much taller than me and about as big around as my thumb..but it is still alive. That means a lot to me.

I am also losing yet another fruit tree.It appears one of my cherry trees is dying as well from this disease. Hopefully my peach tree, my plum tree, and my other cherry tree will live.

I am so sad, watching these trees die.

Why can't I have a single maple tree...
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