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"My Two Moms" article in Baby Talk

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"Children raised by same-sex parents fare as well as children from traditional mom-and-pop homes when it comes to their self-esteem, gender identity, and other psychological issues, according to an analysis of more than 15 studies of 500-plus children. In fact, children in single-parent homes had higher stress levels, more discipline problems, and more trouble with social adjustment when compared to children raised by lesbian couples [no mention of 2-men couples?], showing that two parents (regardless of their gender) are better than one."

Baby Talk, March 2006, page18
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I do not think that many people who read and frequent this board would be surprised by those findings. I am glad that magazines are beginning to publish this information. I have done quite a bit of academic work regarding this topic and have usually only found articles of this nature in academic, peer-reviewed journals.

The truth needs to be told. We do not produce children who are maladjusted or anything.
Glad to hear that mainstream mags are talking about queer issues.

It's unfortunate that the authors of that article appear to have felt the need to disparage single-parent families in order to assert the worthiness of same-sex parent couples, though.
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