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My u/s will be covered by ins! ETA: But argh, there is no way to schedule it!

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I am so happy to find this out. The back-up doctor that I was referred to for my u/s is on my list of preferred providers, so I won't have to pay it out of pocket. I had been worrying about this because no MWs are covered by my ins (none at all, not even CNMs in hospitals, doesn't that suck? So there will really be no way to slip a HB with a lay MW past them, not that I expected them to pay for my HB but wouldn't it be nice? Sorry, tangent). So anyway, if the u/s was billed through a MW we'd have to just pay for it. And that would be kind of hard to justify in our finances right now... But now we actually have a preferred provider OB to go through.

Woohoo, this makes my day!

ETA: Called that OB today and there is no way to schedule an u/s with them during a time DH can be there.
He has every Friday off, but that is their "surgery day" so no appts. And no evening or weekend hours. ARGH!!!

The lady was like, well, we can give you a DVD of the u/s so he can see it... um, that doesn't really make up for him missing it! We have always managed to go together, even last PG when he was working 4 hours away and only came home every 2 weeks. I am so bummed out and don't know what to do.
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Oh GOOD!!!!!!!
That's great for you! I hope you will love the experience of having an u/s. I'm excited about mine in 3 weeks!

My insurance will pay for my MW but to get her to actually get paid something worthwhile, she files everything under the doctor she works with in a collaborative practice. I only have to see him once during the pregnancy to make it legitimate, which I'm happy to do to have it all covered. But it's too bad that the insurance company can't see that the excellent care I am receiving is from HER, though. Mine does cover homebirth but no homebirth midwives are in their network, so they don't really cover it now, do they?
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Glad you'll be able to do the u/s, but sorry that your DH will miss it. My DH missed my last one too, but we did a private scan later (doesn't cost nearly what the medical one costs because you're just looking).

I know getting the u/s covered isn't the best solution, but at least you can go and do one. I hope you come to peace with your options.
Rollercoaster anyone?
What if you don't watch the dvd until you get home and you and your dh can watch it together?
I say go, and then enjoy the DVD together after, it's better than not experiencing it at all.. what does your DH want to do?.. man, my DH did not even WANT to come for my 1st tri screen (which he MADE me get that I did not want...) grrrrrrrrr, he never came.. he did come to my 1st two OB appts and did see an early US.. he is SO not jazzed about this PG... sigh.. it's nice your DH is excited..sweet
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