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Hi, everyone. My baby was born February 8th, 2007. It has taken me awhile to post his birth, but it was such a beautiful experience that I wanted to share it with you all.
Contractions started right around midnight on the 8th. I had been dozing lightly for a few hours when my husband came to bed. I felt a slight tinge that was not any different then the sensations that I had been feeling for the last three weeks. However, a minute later I felt another tinge that was just a tad stronger. I lay in bed for a few minutes while I had a couple more contractions. I got up to go to the bathroom and to see if a position change would change anything. I had another contraction in the bathroom that caused me stop by the sink and get my bearings. I knew right then that this birth was going to go a bit quicker then my older son's.
I crawled into bed and excitedly whispered to my husband that I was in labor and that I really felt like we need to get our stuff together for the birth. Like two kids on Christmas Eve we stole downstairs leaving our oblivious two year old asleep in our bed.
While my husband set up the birth pool, I set out all of the towels and supplies. The pool was ¾ of the way filled up (with air) when the air pump conked out. My wonderful husband finished blowing up the pool himself. Right after he got the water going, our son woke up and came downstairs. For the most part he sat quietly by the pool watching it fill up with water. My contractions started coming one on top of the other. Every time I would move another one would come. I tried sitting on my birth ball but that felt painful. The only thing that felt okay was to be in this semi squatting position supporting myself against the birth ball or couch, anything but resting my bottom on anything. I am a true believer that if a position doesn't feel good in labor then try something that does. I believe that is what helps the baby come out.
My husband called his parents to pick up our son. While we were waiting for them and while the pool was taking its sweet time filling, my contractions were getting more and more intense. That's when labor was not fun anymore. I kept thinking: why am I doing this again? Why isn't the pool full yet? Why aren't the grandparents here? That is when I realized that I was probably in transition. However it was only 2:30 and I had been in labor for only two and a half hours. I just couldn't believe that I was moving along that fast.
I decided that I just couldn't wait for the pool to fill and for the grandparents to come before I climbed into the pool. They were just going to have to stay on the porch and my husband was going to have to hand our son out to them. As soon as my body hit the water, I felt instantly relaxed. Even though it wasn't completely full or even as warm as it should have been, it didn't seem to matter. Grandma arrived shortly after and I felt more relaxed knowing that my son was being taken care of and that he at least was going to get some sleep. My contractions slowed down with these long breaks in between them. I thought "oh my gosh, these can not be pushing contractions already!" I decided to see if I could feel anything and sure enough, the water bag was bulging just a few inches above the opening. I wanted to wait for the urge to push. In a few moments I felt my body bear down on its own. It was subtle but undeniable. I went with the flow and started to push. This pushing was different than my first son's. I remembered to breathe while I was bearing down rather than hold my breath. I also was pushing more effectively and gently. I did not sense that there was any need to hurry so I took my time, did what felt right. My waters broke after a few pushes. At one point I stood up and did an full squat unassisted and pushed during a contraction. It is amazing, because in normal circumstances that is not an easy feat. At that point it felt better to be out of the pool, even though it was completely full by now and the water was the perfect temperature.
My husband laid some chux pads on the floor by the couch and handed me my robe. We turned the heat up because I knew the baby was coming soon and going to be born on land and not water. I tried to squat but that didn't feel right so I got on my hands and knees and continued to push in that position.
After several contractions with no progress, I started to get discouraged. My first son's pushing stage lasted for two and a half hours and I did not want to repeat that exhausting experience. I still felt intuitively that the baby was okay and my husband assured me that the scalp at the opening was pink. I continued to plug away. Finally at one point I felt enough was enough. This baby needed to be out. Right then, my husband told me that the scalp was not as pink anymore. That was all I needed. I pushed with everything that was within me and more and slowly my baby emerged. My husband did not have any trouble catching our son since he came out so slowly. Our son let out a huge bellow as soon as his body hit the air. My husband handed the baby to me and we covered him with towels and blankets. As we watched our newborn's first moments in this world my husband and I could not believe that he was actually here and that he was so perfect. We couldn't understand how birth for most people is a medical event when it could be so simple and beautiful.
The euphoria from my son's birth lasted for weeks.
Ethan Cedric
February 8, 2007 4:00 am
10 lbs, 8 ounces
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