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7 weeks ago I had a very successful VBAC. (I had a section with my son because I had pre-e and was induced. I pushed for nearly 3 hours and made zero progress because he was face up and not face down. I was very upset when I had to had the section...) Anyway, my OB was incredibly supportive of my trying a VBAC. She encouraged me to try and said she'd only do another section if I went two weeks over my due date because she won't induce a patient for a VBAC. I was so terrified my daughter would be late, but the day of my 37 week checkup I came home and did my normal routine. After supper I felt like I had to use the restroom, but instead when I got to the bathroom my water broke. I immediately called my doc and she said if I wasn't in pain to stay home. I decided I wanted to go for a walk around the block after talking to my doc. I got halfway around the block and the contractions were one on top of another. My hubby told me to get in the car and off we went.

We got to the hospital and I was checked, already 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced. I wanted an all natural birth, but broke down and got one shot of Stadol (although it didn't seem to help much). I felt the urge to push and was told to go with the urge. I pushed for 15 minutes and my little girl was in the world! My water broke at 7:30pm and my little girl was on my belly at 10:57pm.

The nurses loved me. They all kept telling me I should be the poster child for VBACs. I had such a hard, nasty labor with my first and this second was picture perfect (at least for me). It was a wonderful birth and my doctor and nurses were wonderful. Although my chances for a VBAC were slim due to the reason I had my first section, failure to progress. My OB told me women who have a section due to failure to progress often have less success with a VBAC. That didn't deter my determination to at least try. I'm so glad I tried for a VBAC, it was so much easier than I ever imagined.
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