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My Very Baby Simply Nights knock off

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I can't seem to find anything that DS can't soak out of at night. We've tried multiple stuffins in Fuzzi Bunz, Very Baby pockets, and sized up sposies. Nothing works & I'm washing sheets every day. I started researching Very Baby Simply Nights & decided to try one myself. Mine is made of 100% cotton french terry & gray microfleece. Those Mamas who make Simply Nights for profit should up their price! This was a very time consuming diaper to make! It is also my first serged outer diaper, so forgive my serging please! It has 2 body layers of cotton french terry topped with gray microfleece. The soaker is a tri folded 2 layer cotton french terry pad with the center topped in microfleece. The car tags I bought especially for things I make for him. DH is a huge VW fan and I couldn't pass them up. I made it side snapping hoping it would fit DS as well as his Bottombumpers side snap AIO. He hasn't tried it on yet, as I rinsed the sewing markings out of it & it wasn't completely dry by bedtime. Tomorrow night is the big test! I bought a Bummis super whisper wrap to put over it. Keep your fingers crossed that I've found my solution!

Diaper front:

Diaper with insert snapped in:

Diaper & insert separate:

Thanks for looking!
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You did a wonderful with all your serging! It looks really nice. Let us know how it works for your son!
I hope you've found your night-time solution! Have you considered wool for a cover? I think it really does help with a heavy night wetter.
I agree with the wool solution too

My DS soaked through every possible combo of stuffers for pocket dipes, so I turned to fitteds and was using like literally 20layers of hemp + a heavy duty pul type cover (litewraps mainly) and I STILL got leaks!

I switched to wool, and voila! I could go down to normal ammts of layer diapers, and he could sleep 14+ hours!!
(did I mention I love my lil guy? he LOVES to sleep like his momma!)

Oh, and I don't see the issue with serging! it looks awsome!
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Very cute! The sewing/serging does look nice, so I agree with the last poster - I also do not see the issue with serging. The car patch adds a finished look.

Let us know how it works tonight.
Looks beautiful, soft and so pretty - the white is so nice! Also let me know how it goes... I have experienced many similar issues...
Wow! That looks amazing, nice work!

I'm struggling to find a nighttime solution for my ds2 as well. Holy shmoly this kid can pee like a racehorse. He nurses way less at night than ds1 did at this age, but pees way more.
I've been dragging my feet about wool, but I think it's my last resort.
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When you ladies are talking about wool, do you mean wool fabric for covers or knitted wool soakers? I just posted a Q about night time diapering, as I'm having issues, too!
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