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I couldn't justify NOT using it, because I had it, it worked, it was a good washer. But my apartment is super tiny (200 sq feet), and I have to roll it over to the sink to use. Not a huge deal, but annoying at times.<br><br>
I have no problem washing clothes in a bucket, and do it often when I don't feel like washing dishes before washing clothes. Or when I don't want to wait for the washer to finish, I can't just leave it, because it drips water constantly while attached to the sink.<br><br>
Now I can stick it in the garage for "waiting for repair". May get it fixed eventually, probably something easy. But for now, I have regained 4 square feet of space! lol<br><br>
The bad part, it stopped draining, with a full load. I think it was on the rinse, the water wasn't real soapy or dirty. So I stuck the more important clothes on hangers and put it outside on the fence and clothesline, in the rain. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"> They'll dry tomorrow.
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