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My washing machine REEKS. Help me.

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I have been cd-ing (fb) for about a month now and I love it but... my washing machine smells like crap. Crap that hasn't been washed in a few days -- since I finally got enough to go 2 days without washing.

I have a Whirlpool Duet HE washing machine, I use Charlie's Soap and I do a "quick wash" on cold with a tiny bit of detergent, then a regular wash on hot with slightly more than a tiny bit.

What can I do? Thanks.
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I suggest you do a cold rinse afterward with no detergent from now on when washing dipes. But to get the stink out, do a hot wash with vinegar with no clothes in it, repeat if necessary. Vinegar gets out everything.
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I have the same washing machine and it does the same thing! I have never tried bothered my DH enough once that he ran white towels in there with bleach...obviously that killed the stench.
When my front loader start smelling it up I always make sure to take a rag to clean the folds of the rubber that closes the door. Sometimes filth gets built up there (or undigest grapeskins, etc... yuck). Today I am going to be doing that as my rubber is kind of stinky. Ocasionally I will run our batch of cleaning rags with just a capful of bleach.
I have the same problem with my front loader. I run a hot wash with about a cup of bleach, then a hot wash with 1/2-1 gallon of vinegar and it is spotless and stink-free!
wow this is interesting to hear. I've been considering a front loader - now I'm beginning to think I should wait til ds has potty learned?

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FWIW, I haven't has trouble with either one of my front-loaders leaking...

But vinegar is very effective for washing away any gunk that builds up between the drums...
We have a top loader, and it did stink one time. We just ran a wash with no clothes or anything...just water and some detergent. The stink went away.
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We get a moldy smell each time we forget to leave the door opened. The tech said it's because a little water is left in the machine between washes. He recommended:
weekly bleach washes and then immediately after run a white load
monthly run on santity cycle with dishwasher detergent (powder). This strips the machine of any detergent build-up.

I try and remember now to do a pre-rinse without diapers before washing my diapers. Just to make sure there is no suds or smell before I add them.
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