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....Right after finishing supper (seems to be the pattern in all my labours).
No strong contractions yet. I had strong BH's during the day and lots of energy (which I usually don't have).
I'm praying that everything will go smoothly and that I'll soon hold my new baby in my arms.
Our 6yo and 4yo boys are so excited. They will be leaving shortly to go to my parents house. We are planning our second homebirth and they prefer to sleep at the grandparents. DD who is almost 2 will stay here, I hope she will sleep through everything.

Well...that's the news! Wanted to share it with you...
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YAY! Lots of ELV to you!!!
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How exciting!!!
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OH YAY! Can't wait, CAN'T WAIT, for your update! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Thanks ladies!
I think the contrax are sort of starting, very spaced out between them, but getting a little stronger.
I'll be logging off for the night, I'll update as soon as I can!

Have a fabulous labor!
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Good luck Helene and congrats!!!

Sending you happy labor vibes.

It's a BOY!!!

After a short labour (which seemed long) Xavier was born at 1:25 am Wednesday April 12th.

Contractions started slowly around 9pm on Tuesday night. They were few and far between and felt more like strong BH's.
At 11pm contractions really started to pick-up. They were starting to hurt and seemed to be entering a pattern. I tried to go to bed but the contrax started to get painful. DH insisted on calling my MW at this point. He said they were 3minutes apart, I said they felt futher apart plus I wasn't moaning yet. But he called my MW and I'm happy he did. By the time she got to our house I was moaning , it was 12:10am. The only position that helped and felt right, for this birth, was slow dancing with my dh with a cold washcloth on my face.

I tried the bath and hated it this time. It's so funny how something can work so well in one birth, can feel so uncomfortable in another birth. My MW paged for the second MW to come at this point.

I got out of the tub and went to the bedroom where I complained that my labor was taking so long... that I didn't even hit transition yet. Well.... Right after that comment I had to PUSH!!!!!! Next thing I knew I was grunting and pushing on my knees leaning against my bed, and my baby was out in a matter of 2minutes!!!

I never had transition!!!!!!!

Thing is, he came soooo fast that Xavier was a little stunned and needed some stimulation and oxygen to get him breathing properly. His heart rate was a little low but it climbed back up just fine. Xavier weighed 8lbs.1oz. and was 22" long. He is now nursing well, but it took a while to get him to latch properly. We cut the cord once it stopped pulsating. Because of my Anemia, they gave me a shot of oxytocin.

The second MW never made it on time for the birth, but was there to sew me back up. I was sure I didn't tear because I hadn't felt it, but sure enough, like my 3 previous births, I had a 2nd degree. No biggie.

We are doing well, but I have I have to say, the afterbith pains are sooooo strong and painful even with Advil and Tylenol. The afterpains get worst with every baby.
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*CONGRATULATIONS!* and thanks sooo much for sharing your story! This is #4 for me too, and I'm not looking forward to those afterpains... Thankfully I do have some percoset (sp) left from my appendectomy~my midwife advised me to save a couple for this purpose! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Welcome Xavier!!!

Woo hoo! Congrats. And yes, though afterbirth pains are bad with #4.
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congratulations!! It sounds just perfect! And quick, too!

I'm with you on those afterbirth pains - they can get totally uncomfortable!

Enjoy your baby boy!!
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