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MY weaned DD wants to nurse.....again.

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I am currently nursing my 15 months old and have a pretty good supply but lately my oldest daughter who will be three in september keeps asking me to nurse. She has woke up out of her sleep before nad asked to nurse and sometimes out of three blue during the day. She weane at 16 montsh cause Iw as pregnant with her sister. I felt really really bad and was prepared to tandem nurse but she wasn't interested. She tried maybe three times after morissa was born and never again. I let her a few times but it just seems a little funny. I mmean she's almost three and I don't really want to start her up again but at the same time I still feel really bad for her weaning at 16 months because of my milk supply diminishing. I know she wasn't ready to wean at all and I had hoped to nurse her until at least two. But I don't want to start up again and have her nurse till five or something that's just beyond my own comfort level of course I don't even know that that would happen just trying to look ahead.
what do you think?
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I would say let her try it again if you are comfortable with that. She'll most likely not be all that interested.

Even if she does start again, that doesn't mean she'll continue until she's 5 either - kwim?

Also at her age you can put some limits on it if you want to - like maybe not in the middle of the night (if she sleeps through the night you certainly don't want to motivate her to start nightwaking) - or maybe only nursing before nap and/or bed times. Whatever feels most comfortable for you.
She most likely won't remember how to nurse. It will probably mean the world to her just that you let her try though.

Good luck.
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There is nothing wrong with letting her nurse again if you are comfortable with it. Rather than worry about the future, just take it one day at a time.
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I would be surprised if she actually could nurse and get milk out. If she is after comfort and not food, though, that may not disuade her.

Does she drink cow/goat/rice milk? Cold, I assume. It seems like you are not comfortable "un-weaning" her and I don't think you should feel like you "have" to. I would express some milk in a cup for her and ask her to try it. Chances are she will think it is gross and not want to nurse any more.

If you decide, though, that you are comfortable nursing her--- go ahead and offer.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I'm dealing with the same thing right now, and I haven't decided what to do. DS will be 3 in October and has been asking to nurse for a month now. I'm sure it has everything to do with his 3 month old sister getting so much "Mommy-time" because of nursing. He weaned at 15 months when my milk supply dwindled to absolutely nothing after two back-to-back miscarriages. I wouldn't mind letting him try, but honestly, all those teeth SCARE me! Instead, I've just been holding him a lot and every time DD nurses we play with his cars on the Boppy pillow ~ makes a great racetrack!

If you decide to let her try, tell us how it goes. Like I said, I've thought about it, but I'm kind of scared!
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