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Hi ladies!

I have a bit of an odd question. My LO is about 4 months old and 12 pounds and I have breastfed from the beginning...

i've had supply issues on and off but I liken most of my issues to the fact that I was given lots of IV fluids while I was in the hospital (along with some medication) and the swelling didn't truly start to go down until my LO was about 1 month old- it was THAT bad. Now, i've had a bit of an interesting situation lately...Now, throughout the past 4 months i've had my fair share of setbacks (mastitis, stress, etc.,) but, at the end of my pregnancy I was 280 pounds- the largest i've been in my life. I've managed to lose about 26 of those pounds (i'm now around 254) and, just about 6 days ago, I randomly lost about 10 pounds (over the course of some days)... I wasn't really trying to eat differently since I only each natural, whole food.... Now, when I did this, my milk supply jumped up....I had done nothing different, no pills, drinks, anything differently except exercise for about 30 mins a day. Now my weight has gone back up again and my milk supply seems to be much much lower now... So, what i'm curious about (maybe some of you ladies have had similar experiences) Could my weight be hindering my ability to reach my full breastfeeding potential? I'm so curious about this fact that i'm actually thinking of stopping breastfeeding for a month, lose as much weight as possible, and re-lactate.. I know it sounds crazy but i'm a little desperate.. any suggestions or ideas ladies?

Thanks so much!

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