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My son was born 17 months ago. I haven't shared his birth story here but I have my reasons for sharing it now

My dh and I had been married about 5 months when we found out Tracy was on the way. He was still in school and I was our income. perfect timing isn't it?
: My edd was May 8. i had started dilating and effacing at about 28 weeks and was on modified bedrest from 30 weeks to 34 weeks. I had contractions almost everyday but they wern't seeming to progress me any farther.

My dh still being in school made things kinda interesting. He had certain requirements in order to graduate (this was his sr year). One of those expectations was to go on choir tour (he was a music major). The choir was leaving on April 25 and would returned April 28. Now I know this was quite a bit away (2 weeks) from my edd but the way things had been going we were afriad that he would miss the birth of our potentially only child. I had an ob appt on Tuesday April 23 and was 2cm and 50%. That night the contractions picked up imensley. We headed into L&D thinking..maybe this is it! No such luck...I get there with contrax 3 min apart 1 min long and within 20 minutes they stop. The next day i call my ob and explain everything to him about the night before. We go in April 24 for another exam. I'm now 3cm and 95%. According to him "it'll be this weekend" We then explain that dh will be leaving on thursday unless I am in labor. he had me lay back down ad he stripped me. I was given the choice of going in for pitocin on Thursday. I said no 1. because it was the ob i hated 2. because i wanted to be given a chance to do this on my own.

Contractions picked up that night but they did nothing so I went in friday morning for pitocin. I asked the ob nurse if baby being posterior could be causing these problems and she said yes, but you can't tell until baby is born they are posterior. I'm told is face up..I CAN tell.

The pitocin is started, monitors strapped on..not exactly the Bradley birth I had imagined. The pit was nothing at first but the more the raisesd the drip the more intense it was. My ob showed up 4 hours later than he said he would be there and just came in and broke my water..I was kinda bullied into this part. he said that the level of pit I was at was doing no good cause my contrax had evened out. So he broke my water and bumped it up again..also ignoring my question of how do I turn baby.

He comes in and says, we're going to back off the pit and see what happens. The pit is stopped and the contractions go back to being productive!! The nruse checks me and is all excited... you are at 3cm and about 95%... um that is where i was when the pit was started! (you would think they would looka t the chart....)

So, after the contrax are the "right kind" he starts the pit again...within about 5 minutes I'm having the same problem...even unproductive contrax. Why he started the pit I'll never know. He wouldn't even listen when I said..stop the pit and lets see what happens! He came back and upped it again! By this point we know it isn't nurse came in muttering under her breath how stupid he is being and turns the pit off!!!
Well, the ob comes back with a look of "see I was right" and then notices the pit is off. Turns it back on and leaves. The ob and nurse have words in my room about how he is being stupid and she needs to keep her mouth shut!

At 7 I had a contraction start at 8:30 this contraction is still going on 90 minutes later! Surprise surprise surprise...I'm bordering on uterine rupture! The pit is stopped and an epi put in. I'm in the OR by 9:00. My son is born by c/b at 9:48. He is beautiful! Dh screams, "It's a boy!! And he's peeing!!!" We had waited fort he surprise and it was soooo worth it!

Tracy was 7lbs 12oz (they had said between 9 and 10 pounds) he WAS posterior! 21.5 inches long and apgars of 9 and 9. He had some of those c/b breathing issues for about 2 minutes because the amniotic fluid wasn't squeezed out during a vag birth...but he was fine. He never left our site. I was wheeled out holding him to the recovery room where he latched on at 45 mintues old. My parents came in and met their first grandchild..Tracy Edward..named after my dad

I learned a couple things through my experiece. I have some regrets. I wish I was more aware of induction and about pitocin. I wish my ob had listened to me. I wish I hadn't had my water broken. I wish I hadn't been impatient.... I was huge! I'm 60 inches tall and my tummy was 58 inches around
I had only gained about 35 pounds but I was swollen like a blimp!

But the end result is that I have a beautiful baby boy who is growing and healthy So I guess it isn't how he got here its about how he lives and grows. I'm planning a vbac this time around but you never know. My c/b was unexpected but wonderful and if it happens again I'm ready. I can do what I can do and the rest is out of my hands.
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