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My Wool is Wet

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I got 4 soakers from Hidden Pearl yesterday. I dyed them with Kool aid yesterday afternoon. I layed them out flat and the things are still soaked. Any idea on how to get them to dry? I really want to put them on my little ones.

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A lot of people put theirs in the spin cycle of their washer.
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Put them inside a towel (one at a time) and then cover them with the towel completely. Roll the towel up tightly and then stand on it.. move around on it.. put all your weight on it. then repeat the process in a dry part of the towel. Lay out to dry and they should be ready to go in just a few hours.
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Do what JenninSeattle said. Otherwise your soakers will be wet for days.
Thanks to stamp on towels..LOL
I roll in a towel like Jenn said, then lay them over a fan to dry.
What colors did you dye them? Got any pictures to share? I ordered a soaker from HPC and I'm planning to dye it (when it gets here). I'd love to see how your's turned out when they're dry.
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