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Why do I bother to talk to him in hopes that he would keep in touch with his son and it's me trying to get him too keep him in touch & he isn't doing any work at keeping in touch.

so then I finally got this 'sedona method' that is helping me to get my self identity back from the controlling of my mom because my mom is too much of still trying to tell , do, control my life even try to discipline it but I found a way because I vented about her continously it was the same ole same ole thing just making me go crazy, sick over the same ole same ole.

So then I was like (my mom not going to change) and she still has control over me when she sees she gets a "reaction out of me because that what she "wants" so then I let go of being upset and going crazy because it wasn't getting me anywhere .

So my mom been trying to get me to drop things for her as within one minute of notice as if I have 'nothing to do' and then i go sorry we are on our way out and we can't wait around . so it didn't bother me that my mom got 'moody' at that .

Even at the time she was trying to get me to change my son's clothes and my clothes for matching for my son's b-day party on wednesday and I was like I don't feel like changing my clothes she goes pictures are better that way i want a good picture . Then I am like still sticking to my stance and she goes don't do it for you do it for "me" and i am like it's my choice and then she hung up on me .

Instead of going around like I used to going crazy over the above I just said well I don't have to "always" please her and the more that she gets less reaction out of me she ends up trying to get in front of me as in 'watch' your back or as in don't mess with me .

I am like smirking when she does that than just shrinking like I used too.

Then on to the weird part my X who I split from when my son's 6 month because he was a looney to begin with & now he thinks he knows everything and how everything or everone is doing what in my life . He lives in california while i am in montana.

So he's using the word god in 'every word of his convo' of saying God told me to tell you this, god told me these things and I know because god told them to me.

That's just a example of what he said and i am like "weird' and so he's going on & on as if I can't see the 'truth' saying I'm hiding feelings" of how my mom is and going i'm just going to wait til i said I told you so.

Plus the god talk is from a guy who believed that Jesus came from a spaceship hah.

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Sounds like your mom is acting real weird!

And your ex--well, God, whether or not you are a believer, has no say in your custody arrangements and in the court's criteria of what constitutes good parenting and what doesn't.
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