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Sorry to say it, but it's working for us too... We didn't buy any mylicon for when she was born b/c of the study mentioned above - I mean, why on earth would I pay $7 for chemicals that don't work?!?

She's never been a fussy baby, but on Sunday, when she wouldn't settle down at all for hours on end... I went to the store for Mylicon. After getting one dose, she burped and farted (A LOT) and was MUCH happier. I think she's getting gassy now that she's mouthing more items (no bottles or pacis, so she's not had too much of a chance to get air in before now).

My guess is that in the study, it didn't work substantially on colicky babies b/c colic has many causes, and gas may not be the most prevalent cause. However, if your baby is truly unhappy with gas, it seems to work really well for us.

Watching this thread for other solutions that work well...
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