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Myoview test (stress test) question

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I had a myoview test today. I was NOT warned before hand but the nurse told me something afterwards that got me VERY nervous.

She told me that because I am radioactive, I should not get close to my son tonight. She said, don't lay next to him for his bedtime story, etc.

If I had known that, i would NOT have had the test! I am a single mom of a little boy who is VERY affectionate. He does not understand why his mommy won't hug him or cuddle with him.
I can't even sleep next to my sweet boy tonight! This will only be the SECOND time I haven't sleep next to him. Waah!

So, is it really true?? Do I honestly need to stay away from him in order to shield him from my radiation???
I got the last injection around 2pm today. When will this junk be completely out of my system??

Please help!
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I am sorry you have to stay away from your ds tonight.

And if they said you should, I would.

I did not do any research and so can not comment on it, but that should teach you one thing: YOU have to find out EVERYTHING there is to any procedure BEFORE undergoing it. They will not tell you anything you did not ask. UNscrupulousness!

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Myoview is not a dye. It is a radioactive salt solution that has never caused an allergic reaction. The amount of radiation received from the Myoview dose is less than or equal to the amount you would receive from a routine x-ray.
Yes, I did research it and I didn't find ANYTHING online that said I should stay away from children (or anyone else). If I'm so radioactive, I would think that there'd be many websites stating that and giving warning.

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I recently had chest MRI done with contrast. I know its not the same as your test, as yours is done with a salt type solution. I was told before mine since I am breasfeeding just to pump and dump for 8hrs, because of the contrast. The dr was worried that my milk would be radiated and full of dye and thus I shouldnt breasfeed the twins for atleast 8 hrs.

Dr Tom Hale says that with Myoview you dont even need to discontinue breastfeeding after the test, so I dont see why you should have to stay away from your child.

"The half-life of Technetium is only 6 hours. After 30 hours 98% would be decayed away. Check the back of my book for the technetium dose used and the NRC probably don't even have to discontinue breastfeeding."

Im not sure if you are BF still but im sure it would be the same difference whether you were cuddling with your child or breasfeeding them.
From all that I have read, Myoview DOES get excreted in breastmilk.
I'm just so mad that they didn't mention this BEFORE giving me the injection.

I guess I have to sleep on the sofa. It's going to be a very long night. I'm going to be constantly getting up and checking on ds. I'm paranoid.

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