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Mystery Tunnel

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Something dug a hole underneath the slab for our patio. The hole is 6 1/2 inches in diameter and, I believe, about 15 inches deep. There is an animal track also, but it rained yesterday, so it is fairly obscured. The track has a trail down the center, so the critter is dragging its tail. The feet appear to make a couple of side by side holes. I'm thinking it is probably an armadillo? Any opinions?

I did take pictures of the hole and the track, but it will be a little bit before I can post them.
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My first guess was opposum. Then when you said armadillo I thought WTH?? Then I realized you are in Florida. I'm in Michigan and I've never seen an armadillo. Just thought I'd share!
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Opposum is a good possability. I hadn't thought of that. The hole is definitely big enough.

re: your reaction to the armadillo. I have only lived in Florida for 4 years -- I'm from New England. I have mostly just seen dead armadillos on the side of the road, but not on that was alive. About a year ago, we went to a state park, and heard some rustling in some long grass. An armadillo came wandering out and let us observe him for a very long time, like we weren't even there. I was surprised to discover that it pretty much looked like a rat on a half-shell...

DH said we should have paid closer attention to the cats last night. All three of them were staring out the sliding glass door onto the patio last night, probably watching the critter dig the hole.
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I bet it's an armadillo. We had one have babies under our lanaii and they were sooo cute when the little babies came out. And better yet THEY ATE ALL THE FIRE ANTS! I love armadillos. Dh and I have only been in Naples about 2 years and this is the first year I've attempted a garden. I'm really a Vermonter and haven't gotten the hang of the seasons down here yet. Just got my seed order today and am gettin planting fever! What part of florida are you in?
I'm just north of Orlando. And I have had the same problem getting used to the seasons. I planted seeds in pots a few weeks ago, and am hoping to get them in the ground this weekend.

Your armadillo ATE ALL THE FIRE ANTS???????!!!!!!!!! I just might have to keep it around if that is the case. Although we still haven't actually seen the critter, so I'm not sure that's what it is.
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