We mamas are health conscious and constantly looking for foods that will fuel our family’s bodies in clean, holistic ways that taste great. Sometimes it seems those concepts–clean and holistic but tasting great–don’t always meet, but that’s not the case with Naked Nutrition’s new cookies. They’re packed with all the good stuff you want from protein-dense food and they also taste incredible!

Why Naked Nutrition?

In 2014, Stephen Zieminski took a hard look at health supplements that claimed great things but in fact, had tons of ingredients you don’t need and very little nutritional value. A former cross country and track All-American, he knew many of those products marketed to those wanting better for their bodies, but instead got something very different.

And so, that was the year he founded Naked Nutrition. They started with and focused on five single-ingredient supplements. Naked Whey and Naked Pea were hits with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, and no mixing agents. Naked Whey is derived from grass-fed California cows and Naked Pea from yellow peas that are grown in the United States in Canada. People looking for clean and healthy options were not subjected to tons of ingredients they didn’t need or want with those products. You can decide what to add to the Naked products for total control of both nutrition and taste.

Since then, Naked Nutrition has grown and now offers over 50 clean products–most having only three ingredients or fewer. The company still believes that giving people control over health and fitness is key, and doing so in a way that lets them use limited, pure ingredients that don’t take a rocket science degree to understand is the way to go.

Naked Nutrition Cookies: Grandma Didn’t Make It But She’d Want The Recipe!

If you’re like most of us, you’re always looking for ways to ensure you and your kids are getting nutrient-dense foods to fuel your bodies. And you want it to be clean and nothing you ever need to worry about.

That’s where Naked Cookies come in! They’re NOT your typical protein cookie–you know, the kind your kiddo will take a bite out of and then promptly be done because the texture or taste just doesn’t hit right. Or the kind you have high hopes for after a great workout, but then are disappointed with because they may be heavy on the ‘nutrition’ but have little to no ‘taste’.

No, Naked Cookies are just the right blend of sweet and smart, and you’d never know they were packed with 10 grams of grass-fed whey protein! Best of all, they have 75% less sugar than other protein cookies, and they honestly taste like they’re from a homemade recipe! They’re the perfect treat that packs a protein punch!

Naked Nutrition Cookies: What Makes Them Different?

Naked Nutrition’s goal is to be a go-to for those who have clean health and wellness in mind. But they also get that taste is important. Their new Naked Cookies are freshly baked in the United States, and they don’t just do your body well, they do your tastebuds a fantastic favor too.

Sometimes you’re not really sure of where the protein from other products comes from, but Naked wants transparency in everything. The Naked Cookie has 10 grams of grass-fed whey protein (so you can trust it) and it’s low in sugar, calories and net carbs.

It’s also made with defatted almond flour instead of traditional wheat flour, so Naked Cookies are gluten-free and non-GMO and soy-free. There are no artificial sweeteners or flavors, but that’s the beauty of them…there doesn’t have to be. Their three flavors (Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie and Oatmeal Raisin) are delicious with limited, good-for-you ingredients that don’t need all that other junk.

That’s what happens when a company focuses on using natural and high-quality ingredients and manufacturing them with a commitment to transparency and good health. You end up with a delicious cookie that is as nutritious as it is delicious and can be used as a snack, dessert or even a meal replacement. Cookies for lunch? Don’t mind if we do!

But mostly, the Naked Nutrition difference comes in its purpose. The company’s goal is to help anyone looking to be the best versions of themselves do so in an easy way. These cookies are perfect for the fitness guru or athlete, but they’re also amazing for those of us who are just trying to do right by our bodies and the bodies of our family members. They’re a super easy (and delicious!) way to boost your daily nutritional intake, and that means that no matter what you’re doing, you’ll be doing it at your best level.

It’s hard to find clean, transparent products that make our bodies better and our taste buds happier, but Naked Nutrition is the real deal. And we’re pretty sure these new cookies of theirs are bound to be the hot new ‘treat’ for you and your family. It’s okay, though! Whether you’re eating the Chocolate Chip, the Oatmeal Raisin or the Sugar Cookie, you’re taking in clean protein and nutrition with every tasty bite.

Those are the kinds of treats we think make the world go around! When you’re doing it right, there’s nothing to hide!