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Naked toddlers

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Hey all. I have a question for you. Is my toddler the only one who wants to be naked all day? (and usually succeeds at it!) I put clothes on her and she takes them off. I tried just having her in panties, she takes them off. She has no problem wearing clothes when we go out and will leave them on. It doesn't bother me at all, I just worry someone will come to the door and freak out that she is naked. Or think what kind of mama am I that lets her kid run around with no clothes on!

Is this just a phase? It is definitely hot here, but we run the AC all day. I think she just doesn't like clothes. Any other naked toddlers out there?
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You're not the only one. My DS is doing this too. I don't let him out of the house without clothes, and often I am a mean mama and make him keep a diaper on, even around the house, since he has zero interest in potty training ATM. If people who come to the door think anything of it, they haven't said so yet. If they seemed freaked out, I'd prolly pretend I was just changing him, or getting him ready for a bath or something.

I think they just like the sensation of bare skin. I dunno if it's a phase or not, though I am sure there will come a time when he prefers to wear clothes for purely social reasons. DS has wanted to be naked since he was pretty tiny. He seems impervious to cold, too.
Good idea about the "we were just about to take a bath" or something. Now that I think about it, Abby has always liked to be naked. She will take off her panties and run to the potty saying "peepee", sit there and say "all done", just to get out of her panties. It is funny.

I am fine with it, just didn't know if I should be more "strict" (not the best word, but can't think of anything else) about wearing clothes in the house now that she is almost 2 or what.

Glad I am not the only one!
I have an almost three year old son who Looooooooovvvvvvveeeees to be naked. He spent the first 2 1/2 years in New Orleans where it is hot most of the time..... I think its cute and i let him be free as much as possible. He doesn't have a problem with clothes when we are out, but in our house he'd rather be free- well at least it works well with toilet learning.
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My daughter loves to be naked too!

We have 'naked time' which is starting to extend to any time we're at home! We just got a kiddie potty so she'll say she has to go & get *totally* naked & then just run around the house.

I don't care & I think it's cute, she just knows she can't go on the couch or bed while 'nay-nay' - I've done a few too many loads of laundry!
Oh ya.... Dd is always naked from the am to pm in our house. The only time she gets dressed is when we go out or if we are getting company but even then it has to be a formal guest like a client of mine to warrant clothes.

I am aggressively relaxed about this because when I was a little girl I got the message from my Mom that one should hide the human body.

The first time I felt okay naked was during the birth of my babe.
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Hey, I had a thread about this maybe a week or 2 ago. Seems like LOTS of our little guys & girls love to run nekkid.

I think it's awesome.
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The other day my dd said "clothes, done" and started pulling at her shirt. Its hot here and she is comfortable. When she is cold she gets a blanky or some clothes so I think she is learning about her needs and it is so cute. Right now she is into wearing thongs (flip flops)...only.
I think it is normal. My kid did it. I did insist on undies to keep thing "cleaner". (In nudist camps you ussually have a towel to sit on for hygene. So I figured undies would would serve the same purpose. It prevents dirt from little girl's skin folds).
We also live with a nudest. Today she had her little Gymboree bikini on at a friends house & within 10 minutes she had stripped it off... I'm not sure how I'm going to keep it on her this summer at the public pool :LOL
Nope, your not alone. Sean wont even keep his cute cloth diapers on. If only he wouldnt pee on the floor all the time....
My youngest is a total nudiest.
He just loves being without clothes. So have my other kids when they were toddlers. My only rule was "You have to beable to pee on the potty" so man at about 2 1/2 they all were on the potty. (not sure if the naked thing had anything to do with it or not. I like to think it did.)
Anyway, I don't care what others think. If I could get away with it, I would sit around my house all day nude. (My kids find my naked body just too interesting.)

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We call Connor our little exhibitionist! :LOL Not only does he looove to be nakey but he gets slap happy when he is too. It's really cute! His fav activity is to streak once he gets his clothes off.
well, glad to see i am not the only one with a future nudist!! i will stop worrying about it now.
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Originally Posted by mamaofthree
Anyway, I don't care what others think. If I could get away with it, I would sit around my house all day nude. (My kids find my naked body just too interesting.)

: Yep, that's us too. If I didn't wear a shirt, I'd be nursing all the time. When I play in the kiddy pool with dd, she always goes for my breasts...if not too nurse, then just to check them out! (We swim nude at home
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I'm also the mom to a 3 1/2 yr old naked baby. She seems to know that she only does that at home. When dh started to remark about her not having any pants on he realized that I didn't either. At home I usually just wear a shirt.

Lyndsey's mom
Funny naked story...dd (18 months) was running around naked. I usually let her do this once a day for a few minutes. Mind you, she is not potty trained. She gets this look on her face (ya know, the straining because she's about to poop face). Then she looks between her legs, which she always does right before she goes. So I run to pick her up and hold her over the toilet before she poops. As I'm running with her in my arms laughing at myself for letting it happen, out it comes and lands directly on the carpet. She looks at me and laughs her head off! Dh and I have quite a laugh while I'M picking it up.
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