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Name Change!!

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Ex and I separated 2 years ago, divorce was final in September 2009 and today I finally changed my name on all my bank accounts! I had to wait until I could change it at the Social Security office and then the DMV, but today I'm DONE!!! It was so liberating! The funny thing was that as I was making all of the calls, I would say that I wanted to change my name on my account and they would congratulate me on my marriage. I would say, "Actually it's my divorce." They always felt the need to say how sorry they were...I even got one, "Oh you poor thing!"...Don't they know that they should be congratulating me?
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Cogratulations mama!!!!!!!!
i think what they were probably meaning was that you had to go thru that very painful process - no matter how liberating it was.

not that you are divorced or out of a bad situation.

of course i am making assumptions.

the process of divorce is usually a very painful process - children or no children.

i assume they are acknowledging that.

congratulations mama!!!!! i still havent decided what i am going to do about my name.
Congratulations on the name change (not the divorce)

I remember how great it felt to have MY name back again after my divorce.
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