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Names, names,

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We are still so up in the air on names....the baby's last name will be Taylor. I'm hoping that listing these will help me find some faves - any feedback is welcome!

Zoe Mae (my current favorite - Mae has some family history and is close to "Mary" - see below)
Josephine Mary (Mary is a big family name on both sides)
Quinn ??? (no middle names yet!)
Eliza Josephine
Eliza Quinn

DH's favorite name right now is Ariel, but I just don't see it. He likes all of the above names (at least the first names) though.

Other possibilities:
Jessie (we'd probably name her Jessica and call her Jessie or Jess)
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I like Quinn the best. Or you could do Mary Quinn, but call her Quinn.
I also like Eliza Quinn.
a friend of mine has a little girl named Quinlan, and they call her Quin. I like that name very much! Her mom's name is Mary! That's a funny coinkidink.
Anything but Eliza. :LOL
I wanted to be Josephine nn Joe when I was 12.
I also love Zoe Mae, but it's a bit rhymy with Taylor.
How about Quinn Ariel? or Jessica Quinn?
I like Zoe Mae but Eliza Quinn is cute too. I think I like Zoe Mae a little more there all cute names. I see why its so hard to pick. Best of Luck
I know you wer'nt asking for names but I have one for you. Nevaeh its heaven splet back words. I dunno Nevaeh Mae Taylor. just a suggestion. once again good luck.
I haven't read the other responses, but I really like Zoe Mae Taylor and Eliza Quinn Taylor. Even without saying the middle names, those first names go well with the last.
Love Zoe Mae and Eliza Quinn both great names!
Is Zoe getting really popular in your area? It is here - just FYI if you are looking for a unique name, I have heard of a lot of Zoe's recently and a close friend due in Oct is also naming her baby girl Zoe.
Another suggestion - if DH likes Ariel and you like Rory - you could name her Aurora (close to Ariel) and call her Rory for short....
Thanks for all the feedback!

DH has now decided he doesn't like Quinn. Sigh. He liked it last time I was pregnant but apparently doesn't remember that! So right now the running faves are Zoe and Josephine (we would call her Joey or Josie).

Chelsea, I love the name Aurora/Rory, but one of DD1's friends is named Aurora...I know that really shouldn't matter, but it does, sorta. I think if we both really LOVED Rory that it wouldn't matter though.

I have heard Zoe is very popular but there aren't any around here! I'm kind of surprised really. I like it because it's short, easy to spell, works for all ages and is actually a very old name (Greek) but sounds new-ish. DH had been hung up on the Sesame Street association but I'm hoping to wear him down, lol....
I love Zoe Mae!

boy: edd 10/29/05
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Josie! I just think that is the cutest name! We ALMOST named dd3 Josie.... and I still get a little pang of sadness when we see dd2's classmates' sister who is named Josie. I like Mae with it (of your choices) as it works with Josephine or Josie. I sometimes use my kids' middle names with the shortened versions of their first names. So Josephine Mary sounds fine but not so good as Josie Mary if you KWIM.

I also like Zoe from your list. Think with such a short name I'd like something a bit longer so it would flow more - like Zoe Elizabeth maybe?

What about Brynn? I love that for a girl. Quinn is darling - too bad your dh won't go for it.

Ariel is the mermaid - I couldn't do it. Everyone has an association for each name to someone but some of them are just too much one person/character (to society, not just an individual). I couldn't name my child Elvis or Cher either. I'll give you that Ariel is not AS far down that road as the above examples but still.

Good luck figuring it out. I love baby name threads!
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Given the choice between Zoe and Josephine, I have to go with Josephine. I used to really like Zoe, but then it got really popular. Also, it reminds me of the little kid in Baby Blues! lol!
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