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Naming baby after someone?

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My sister's name is Maren. In the past when I've thought about girl names, I thought about using her name. She is named after our great-great aunt (or grandma... I'm not remembering right now), so it is a family name. I think it's a beautiful name. But it would be odd to me to have another Maren, you know? Especially since I've never met any others, so to me, my sis is *the* Maren. This morning, it occured to me that maybe a variation on the name would work. Lying in bed, all I could think of was Marena (Ma-REN-a), so I've done some baby name searching. There is Marenda (Latin for admirable), but I'm not sure how crazy I am about that. I did a search for names with "mar" and there are about 100 that I'm going through.

Now, part of my problem is that we have one girl already with an M name -- Miriam. Our boys' names aren't too similar, and I worry that making just the girls' names cutely similar is just, I don't know, too cutesy
. I also like the name Laurel as a middle name -- having a Miriam Louise and a Marena Laurel just seems like I have no imagination!

So, I guess I'm just looking for advice and/or suggestions.
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I love Maren and Marena - both are lovely names. Have you talked with your sister about this? All of my children's name are after someone - either their first or middle or both but it is your sister's name and maybe she already has plans for it. For instance, my name is Keri and I have a DD named Kerianne I would have been pretty pissed if my sister used my name without my permission. As it turns out she's not having kids so it's not an issue but my feeling is that she gets dibs on her own name. If she is ok with it then I say go for it! My oldest is named after my brother and I am so glad that I did that! If you think the girls names will be too similar maybe you could use it as a middle name.


Originally Posted by kerikadi
For instance, my name is Keri and I have a DD named Kerianne I would have been pretty pissed if my sister used my name without my permission.
I think thats adorable that you have a daughter named Kerianne. However, I also think its very unusual. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know many people who name their kids anything remotely close to their name. Its super cute though!

I'd mention it to your sister but casually. You can name your kid whatever you want, and I'm sure she'd be honored....

I'm wondering the same thing since I'm considering using my mom's name (Ramona). I keep thinking of weird stuff like how it will feel to call someone else my mom's name, or how it will be when my mom passes and I have that reminder etc. Will it be nice, or harder or what?? Sorry to be morbid but I think of these things.

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What do you think of the name Mara?

I agree with others who say to check with your sister. My brother is named after three living people, and they all were OK with it.
What about using Maren as a mn?

I would talk to your sis and see how she feels about it. I'm sure she would be honored that you would name your dd after her!
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My Dad is David, my brother Daniel (who has named his son Danny) and my Dad's brother's sons are David and Daniel. My cousin David calls my Dad 'Uncle Me'.

My BIL is Kris and his daughter is Krissa.

OTOH I wouldn't condider a close relative's name except for a middle.

But I agree, ask your sis, I'm sure she'll be thrilled!
Thanks for the suggestions -- I hadn't at all considered that she might want to use the name or a variation herself.

I did see Mara in my searches, I'm keeping it in mind. Part of the problem for me is that so many similar names are forms of Mary -- which is Miriam in Hebrew. I just can't see myself giving two dds basically the same name

Though Mara would be nice in two ways -- as a nod to my sis and a very close friend of mine, whose name is Camera. Hmmmmm....
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Talk to your sister and see what she thinks. One thing I thought of though - isn't there a birth control (or some drug) called Mirena? Just maybe something to think about with the name Marena.
Or what about Laurel Maren? Same names that you like, different order.

Anyway, ds's middle name is FIL's middle name and my paternal grandpa's first name.
This bean, if it's a girl will have a my maternal grandpa's mom's first name and maternal grandma's first name as the middle name (if that made sense).
If it's a boy, first name happens to be an uncle's name, middle name would be my maternal grandma's maiden name.
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I think it's a really pretty name and if you like it and she doesn't mind you should go for it. My dd's middle name is Ann-Marie. It is my mom's middle plus her younger sister's middle (the 3 of us were really close and my aunt passed away before my dd was born so for me it was a way to honor my aunt and our close bond)
The only person I know who has a kid named after themself is an Italian family where the mom's name is Antonia, goes by Toni, and they named their son Tony. Or maybe Anthony and he goes by Tony? I couldn't help but think how confusing that must be!

I *LOVE* the name Maren, and considered it in my head for about 3 days before realizing it would sound absolutely ridiculous with our last name (starts with a MARE sound). I do think Maren and Miriam do sound a little close though. I'm going through the same thing, FWIW...I love the name Adelaide, but we'd probably use Addie as a nm, and I already have an Abby. Marena I'm not wild about but only because it makes me think of the IUD (Mirena)...but I volunteer at a women's health clinic so probably not everyone has that association.
If you do decide to use Maren I'd run it past your sis, but since it's an old family name I doubt she'd have any issue with you using's kind of up for grabs IMO since it has been in your family for a bit.

Do you like Myra at all? That was another one that sounded crappy with our last name that I liked.
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My Mom's name is Victoria, my name is Victoria, and my DD's name is Victoria! My Mom is Vicki, I am Tori, and my DD is Ria! I LOVE it. I thought about it a LOT and determined it was a wonderful tradition to carry on. There's a really great story surrounding how my Mom was named AND how my Mom and Dad came to give me the same name. Additionally, my DD has two middle names, one for her Daddy's mom and one for mama AND daddy's sisters! She's a LUCKY girl!

All of our children (at least 4: 2 boys, 2 girls HOPEFULLY!) will be named after family. If the baby in the belly is a boy he'll be named after BOTH my Dad and one of my brothers AND DH's Dad as well as one of my Uncles (only one first and one middle name for him). I DID ask my brother if it would be all right for our son to have his same first name (we won't call him by that name) and I also told him I still TOTALLY expect him to name his first son after him (he would be the FIFTH!!!!
). Anyway... So, the main point of all that was to make sure you DO ask your sis to use her name.
Just agreeing with PPers.

I think the name you've been thinking about is lovely. I personally prefer Marena Laurel or Laurel Marena because they both flow so nicely. To me (and just my opinion!), Laurel Maren sounds too heavy.... anyway... good luck!!!
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Ah, good tip about the IUD, I never would have thought of it. That's too bad -- I was really liking Marena. It's funny, a couple of the names I've liked so far have been company/product names -- I really like Dell for a girl... there was another one, but I can't recall it right now. Pregnancy brain... sigh... Oh! It was Mirabel, which is the name of a big airport in Montreal (near where dh and I are from). And dh met a guy at work whose name is Vital (Vee-TALL, he's French) and liked the name, but it makes me think of Vidal Sasoon (sp?)

Tori, that's a neat name story!
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oops, double post
I love keeping names in the family, within reason. Hannah Jane has her grandmother's middle names. Both of them were quite flattered.

OTOH, I dated this guy in high school Frankie R. I think it's an Italian tradition (or maybe just his family) but the first son in each family was named after the grandfather, Frank R. So there were 4 or 5 cousins, all living in the same area, all about the same age with the name Frankie R. I'm all for honoring the grandfather, but it was a bit much.

I love both Maren or Marena. I would discuss it with your sister, how much you like it & are considering it, and what her honest feelings are about it. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have a namesake.
Brisen, we are so much in the same boat. I really liked the name Allegra for a girl...too bad the allergy med ripped it off!
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I love the name Marena. Personally, if my sister approached me and asked if they could name their daughter after me, I would be totally flattered.
I wouldn't be worried about naming your child the same or similar name as a drug. There is a BCP called "Diane" for pete's sake! And I know another girl named "Lakota", also an OTC Native formula for joint pain.
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