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There's a huge part of me that feels uncomfortable with referencing specific people regarding their opinions.

There's an even bigger part of me that says: Ba, ba BA BRRRRRING it!!!!!!

I fully assert that not only is vaccine-induced autism a real thing, I assert that it is one of the biggest problems to date.

Here are the people that i believe support that opinion:
(if the mentioned people do not support this opinion, i deeply apologize an will willingly retract. I do not have permission to speak for any of these people)

1 Peggy O'Mara
2 Robert F. Kennedy Jr
3 Dan Olmsted
4 Mark Blaxill
5 Mary Holland
6 Suzanne Humphries
7 Sherri Tenpenny
8 William Thompson
9 Boyd Healy
10 Bob Mercola
11 Laura Hayes
12 Lisa Joyce Goes
13 Tony Mohammad
14 Barbara Lou Fisher
16 Jenny McCarthy
17 Aiden Quinn
18 Rob Schnieder
19 Thom Hartman
20 Bill Maher

Sometimes the only way to deal with (big Pharma) bullies is to bring your big brother/sister back to the playground. Won't you please help us big sister/brother?!!!

KILL THE BILL!!!!! NO ON SB277!!!!!
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