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Nanipoos sale!

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nanipoos is having another sale with free shipping! today thru sunday. and if you let her pick the prints, you get 10% off as well! her nb dipes are just lovely (i
velour inners).
*not affiliated with nanipoos, just spreadin' the love!*
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I've really thought about that.. I would need small. I purchased one of her NB dipes and I could tell it would be to small. My last babe was 10 pounds.
yep, the nb's are truly newborn-sized...but my DS was 7lbs3oz so I think my new babe will fit into it for a little while...for $6.50 - 10% and no shipping, I really don't mind!
That's a good deal!

I got in on her 12 newborn dipes for $60ppd so I think I'm good to go

But I can say that I
the dipes I got and she chose great fabrics!

They are in my "Katie's Stash" folder if anyone wants to see them

You know you all need 'em!
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The last thing I need to do is order more dipes, but....

How do I get to the page to order some? I checked out the link and followed it to the instock store, but then the only thing I see in small is one rooster print. Is there a page that talks about the sale, what am I missing?
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