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I am right there with you! My 18 month old DS used to be easy to put to sleep. Not so much anymore. It has been about 2 weeks of taking between 1 - 3 hours to get him to finally sleep. It is like he can't stop moving to settle long enough to go to sleep.

I read the No-Cry sleep solution for toddlers/preschoolers this past week for ideas.

We have extended his bedtime routine a bit to allow for some more time to transition to sleep, added some lullaby music and made sure his room is as comfortable as possible (dark enough, temperature etc.).

In the end though, I have to literally hold him tightly in my arms to restrict him from moving until he finally is able to give in to sleep.

Other things I have read say it is an 18 month thing and is just a phase that will pass. I am hopeful that is passes quickly!

Good luck!
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