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Hi everyone.

This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while :)

My 18 month old DD used to be a great sleeper, sleeping through the night, and napping for 2-3 hours per day. When I would put her to bed she seemed so relieved that I was finally letting her go to sleep lol! I actually thought that I had the whole sleep thing under control....

Well I was very wrong! For the past 2 weeks every single nap and bedtime have been absolute nightmares! We have a routine that we follow, but instead of DD going to sleep she screams for 1-2 hours until she finally goes to sleep. I usually go in every time I hear her crying and lay her back down, and if she won't calm down I will pick her up until she does. I have tried to stay in the room until she goes to sleep, but she has yet to actually fall asleep that way. I seem to be more of a distraction for her than anything. Tonight it took me 2 hours to finally get her to go to sleep and it's so frustrating! She is fine when I am in the room, and will lay down and act like she is going to fall asleep but she will either start talking to me and try to play games, or will realize as soon as I leave and start screaming. Then we repeat the process....sigh.

We have tried having her in our room when we travel and it is awful, we are all up several times during the night....and there is no way she would ever sleep in bed with us, she thinks it's a game and will play with our hair and faces lol!

I should add that at 18 months she only has 4 teeth (which she got in on the same day 7 months ago - nothing since then) and I can see the whites where teeth are coming, but I have seen them for 2 months now so I have no idea when they will be popping through. She also has a runny nose and has been sneezing a little. She did have her 18 month vaccines last week, so maybe that is related?

I guess I am looking for advice from more experienced mom's - is there anything else I could try? Is this a phase that will pass?

I miss my easy sleeper !!
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