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Nap ??

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When did your LO go from 2 naps a day to 1? LO is 9mo old and is still basically taking 2 naps a day but occasionally only takes 1 and I am not remembering when it will change to just one nap. I am SO not ready to only have him taking 1 nap a day.

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About 9 or 10 months DS started sometimes taking only 1 nap, and sometimes still taking 2 per day. Around 14 months I think he finally made the complete switch to just 1 nap per day.
14 months.
DD was about 13 months when she started the transition and was totally at 1 nap a day by 14 months.
Both my kids switched around a year.
DS was 14-15 months old, and it was a hard transition for me too. Fortunately, he replaced two average length naps into one longer one (but not as long as the two shorter ones put together).
DS changed much later, at 14 or 16 months. It was hard on all of us but mostly SAHD. It took him another 5 or so months until he fully adjusted. Now he takes this wonderful solid 2+ hour every day.
Around 10 months DS started occasionally not going down for her morning nap. She still napped twice more often than not until 13ish months. Now at 16 months, it feels like she's been on one nap forever. I know my DH (a stay at home dad) misses the two nap days....
Just after a year--and actually, it seemed to make that one nap a much better one than the two shorter ones had been. The transition was hard, though.
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