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Narrow shoes that are also affordable??

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I am in desperate need of new shoes for DS, and can't find anything that fits him. His feet are crazy skinny and narrow and I have been searching everywhere for shoes. I have searched online for narrow shoes, and the only thing I am finding is Soft Star shoes and Preschoolians, both of which are crazy expensive. I am very low income and really don't want to spend $50 or more on shoes for him, especially ones that I can't try on his feet.
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I'm curious what you find -- that is on the cheaper side. I don't think DD has super-narrow feet, but the typical toddler shoe is too wide for her. I've looked on ebay for the brands you mentioned plus others, but usually it's not cheap enough to make it worth getting a used shoe.

I was able to find a store near us where we could try on & ended up buying some Tsukihoshi sneakers for her. They fit WAAAY better than her old See Kai Runs (gotten on sale -- which she could pull off in about a second flat still velcroed because they were so huge on her) though they could still be tighter.

I hate spending so much on shoes, but DD only really has one pair of shoes at a time. Still, she probably needs new shoes every 4 months or so. Shoes are the one thing I spend major $$ on as far as clothes go. Foot health seems important! Everything else she has is hand-me-downs, a gift, from a thrift store, or on sale, but she wears the shoes everyday so everyday I know that her feet are in good shoes - and I get to look at her cute sneakers
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Have you seen the Little Dipper model from Soft Star shoes? It's a little cheaper, $30. I am thinking of getting a pair.

You might want to try Target. Seems like sometimes they have nice flexible sole toddler shoes, and some run narrow. I used to buy this shoe for my ds, he always had narrow feet:
We don't have a Target here in Vermont.
I did find a pair of Umi shoes that are exactly like the ones that he has right now that are too small. I bought his current ones at the end of last summer for half off, and I found the next size up on E-Bay for $30. They are flexible, lace up (so I can get them really snug around his skinny foot), and he walks well in them, so I figured I would go with them again.

I have no clue what I am going to do when he outgrows these. I might have to start looking for the next size up from the new ones now so I will be ready.
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I always had very narrow feet when I was little and all I ever wore was Ked's.

Looks like they are all about $25
Woo Hoo! Just found the exact same shoes as the ones I ordered from E-Bay on Amazon for $18 with free shipping (I have Amazon Prime right now). Too bad I didn't see that before ordering the $35 E-Bay ones, but at least I will have the next two sizes up. He should be set for a while, as long as he doesn't start wearing them out before he outgrows them.

Poor kid isn't going to have much variety for shoes for a couple of years though.
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