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Can anyone recommend a OB/GYN or midwife in Nassau County, Long Island for (missed) miscarriage follow-up care?

I had an absolutely atrocious experience with a prominent local OB-GYN practice, thus am looking to switch ASAP.

My insurance provider has indicated that in order to receive full coverage (my excellent albeit expensive plan covers prenatal 100% without a deductible), I cannot visit a primary care/regular MD nor a generalist lab for follow-up blood tests nor a sonogram, to confirm that 'everything' has passed. Thus another OB (or ideally midwife, though I doubt one will take me on solely for miscarriage related concerns) it is. But I'm having a really difficult time finding someone new who has received good reviews for pregnancies without happy endings. Especially since I'm brand new to the area after nearly two decades in Brooklyn….and do not own a car. I now live in Great Neck.


  • Preferably a woman
  • Compassionate | My OB came across as an apathetic, easily irritated, impatient ice princess. I felt like a farm animal, stashed on a money-making conveyor belt, who was no longer welcome once my pregnancy was deemed unviable. Same for my disinterested sonographer who left me with nothing to clean up with after she'd confirmed the baby had passed. (I took off my shoes and used a sock to wipe myself while she tidied up her equipment.)
  • Open minded about if not invested in integrated/eastern medicine. | My OB became angry (!) when I asked to wait to miscarry naturally or via alternative means, then tried to fear monger me into completing my missed miscarriage via D&C or cytotec (without ever letting me know that extreme vomiting / fever/ chills / diarrhea / extra pain / extra blood loss could possibly occur with the former, and to not be worried accordingly). I trusted my own judgement and opted for acupuncture to speed nature along. (Two treatments worked. I began bleeding the next day.)
  • Informative | My OB did little more than exclaim, "Don't believe everything you read on the internet!" all the while providing next to zero information of her own accord. I wanted to roar back, "Then why don't YOU provide me with ____?!" (This includes my PAP smear results, ma'am, which I was charged for but never received despite multiple queries.)
  • Readily Reachable | My OB's office doesn't offer e-mail, won't let patients leave voicemails after-hours nor on weekends plus took 4+ days to get back to me with 24-hour beta results. And when I did receive call backs, it wasn't nurses or doctors who phoned, thus I was never able to ask related questions. (Plus though I filled out a form which promised online access to test results, access was never granted. The form promised enrollment in no more than two weeks. I signed up seven weeks ago.)
  • BONUS: savvy billing/desk staff | My OB's billing staff knowingly coded my care under "general practioner" rather than "OB/GYN" resulting in nearly $1,000 false in-network charges. My insurance provider was aghast and offered to file a grievance on my behalf. (Until the former is resolved, I with withhold my OB's name + practice name.)

Big hug to anyone else who has endured a (missed) miscarriage.

Thanks in advance for 'your' suggestions.



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