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Natural birth and bleeding disorders

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This is baby #3 for us and I've recently been diagnosed as having a bleeding disorder. I'm still waiting to see the hematologist, but I know this makes me high risk for hemorrhaging after delivery.

With baby #1 I was induced with pitocin and didn't have any bleeding problems. Baby #2 was a natural birth and I had a very fast delivery - baby delivered in one contraction. My uterus stopped contracting after my dd was delivered though and I hemorrhaged when the placenta detached. They ended up starting an IV and hooking me up to pitocin to slow the bleeding along with doing some super heavy duty uterine massage.

So this time given that I had what's been termed post partum hemmorhage last time, I'm worried they're going to want to hook me up to pitocin right from the get go, or at least have an IV going. With dd I labored mostly on my hands and knees, and having an IV would really mess with that...

So I'm just wondering if anyone else has a bleeding disorder and what your l&d was like. Also if you had any suggestions regarding herbs or anything to hellp control the bleeding - I was thinking rrl tea might help?

The likely diagnosis right now is von wildebrand factor, but I'm not sure what category.

Any tips you can share, or experiences would be very much appreciated.
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You could have a hep lock in place during labor/pushing that wouldn't interfere with moving around during labor, but it would provide immediate access if you started bleeding heavily after baby was born.

Of course, the hematoligist can give you better answers regarding your exact diagnosis and the implications regarding labor and delivery, but it seems like from what you've said if they are aware of the issue beforehand and are prepared to be aggressive with any bleeding that isn't normal after delivery, hopefully that will be enough to keep you safe without interfering with the birth itself.
There's a great thread of mamas who have coagulation disorders - I think it's over in the Tribes - and they are a wealth of information and experiences. I know I've seen mamas there with Von Willebrand's. I can't find it now; ds is tugging at my leg so I'm off...

(The heplock is a good idea, btw - that way, you aren't tethered to an IV during labor but they can access you easily in an emergency. JMHO.)
My Van Wilderbrand's runs in my family as well. I agree with the hep lock. Also, ask for the IV to be started in your arm instead of your hand. This is more comfortable and won't interfere with labor positions. There really isn't a need for pitocin during labor to prevent postpartum hemmorhage. You can just have it or methergine after you deliver. Good luck!!!
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