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I have a raging bladder infection apparently. Went to the dr yesterday and they found white blood cells in my urine, so he gave me an antibitic presciption he *said* was safe to take during pregnancy.

I do not like to take meds at all, and only use ab's as a last resort.

Well, I researched the presciption he gave me and all it says is "only take during pregnancy if absolutely needed" and "This drug has not been determined safe during pregnancy" WHAT!?
: Its classified as a Catergory B, but with a bunch of jumble about only been tested on rats, etc.

I have a call in to my midwife, but have not taken any so far. Its call Macrodantin, a common UTI antibiotic I guess.

I saw some tablets at the drugstore that were concentrated cranberry, read at ACV in water a few times a day can help.

Any other thoughts, things that have worked for you? I know that a bladder infection can cause potential problems in pregnancy, so I very much want to get rid of it, but I refuse to take something that is not rated safe!! Sheesh!

Thank you for any help!!
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