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Natural chicken pox in Traingle Area of NC

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Would like to get kids exposed to natural chicken pox in the Triangle Area of NC. If your child has this will you please let me know.

Thanks a lot.
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We don't, but I know lots of us would be very interested in it as well.
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You all tricked me
I got excited when I saw two responses to my post
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My pedi said she does not see many cases at all, but when she does it is in Springtime.
My kids had it several years ago in Sept/Oct. It ran thru my older dd's Kindy class. Even the vaxed kids got mild cases. It started in August and took forever before my dd1 finally got it even though multiple kids were out each week with it. Anyway, I'm not posting to get your hopes up, but just to let you know that late summer/early fall is when we had it.
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