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Natural to 'me' = vaginal with no meds. I can't really say one way or the other how I feel pitocin fits into that definition. Don't even want to imagine a med free birth on pitocin though (from what I hear). YIKES!

On that note... I've heard from c-section moms who get very defensive when the term 'natural' is used in association with vaginal birth. Some feel that their birth is just as natural as jill down the hall who had an unmedicated vaginal birth.

Where IS the line drawn for natural birth? Having had one very UNnatural birth in hospital and then one completely natural birth at home, the difference is obvious but I guess not to everyone. And now I'm wondering, I had some homeopathics during labor the 2nd time, would that be considered unnatural by some?

Thanks for the philosophical Q leosmama.
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