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Originally Posted by thismama
The mama has every right to be proud of herself. She did drug free birth while on pitocin.
And her baby is fine, and she, I am assuming. Good for her. I hope she feels great.

They gave me pitocin 14 hours after my water broke to encourage regular contractions. I had been 3 to 4 cm all that time. Come to find out, he might have never come down otherwise--he came out hand first, and a shoulder was lodged under my pelvic bone. They also used a vacuum with one push to release/unwedge him. After all of this and 19 hours, I had an otherwise unmedicated birth. I was all for 'as little intervention as humanly possible', but sometimes I feel like, without that intrevention--we both could have died! I do tell people that I had a natural birth. Others in different situations have "more natural" births, I am sure. I am happy for them!
But that was the hand I was dealt, and for awhile, I was angry and sad about it not being 'more' natural--but I have learned to look back on Noah's birth fondly.


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