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Originally Posted by leosmama20
I guess what I am really wondering is why do people tend to look down on moms who choose pain relief (because it is a drug right? or is there another reason I am missing) but the pitocin is okay?
I think it's because people tend to see pain relieving drugs as purely optional, but drugs like pitocin as medically necessary (in some situations).

ETA that, while I do think that is people's perception, pain relief can sometimes be medically indicated in the case of exhaustion, *true* failure to progress, etc. In any case, I don't think people should be "looked down on" for getting pain medication - different people birth in different ways, and everyone has their own idea of what they want to get out of their birth experience. I am not choosing a homebirth to be a hero, likewise I am not going to criticize someone for choosing the epidural route. HOWEVER, I do think women should educate themselves on what the risks are. I *do* kind of look down on someone who does nothing to research the effects of the pain drugs and then goes running to the hospital at the first contraction to get an epidural, and ends up with a c-section because she never progressed past 2 centimeters. I look down on her and pity her at the same time, because she is a victim of our messed up birth culture. But, she facilitated her own victimhood.

Anyway - to get back to the OP, I wouldn't split hairs with her over whether her birth was "natural" or not. It wasn't 100% drug free but she had a lot less intervention than most people. Besides, what if she had needed forceps or something, but had no drugs? Would she be allowed to call her birth "natural" then? Some people would argue that anything less than an unassisted childbirth is not natural, that just having a midwife attend the birth is an intervention.

I do agree though that a lot of people use the term "natural" interchangeably with "vaginal", and that does kind of irk me.
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