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Guidelines for Reviews

This board has been set up as a way for you to carefully and knowledgeably research others' interactions with businesses and their opinions of products in order to help you make purchasing decisions. All posts will be moderated and evaluated against our guidelines. Our goal is a constructive yet honest review board that benefits our members. Please be aware that this forum IS NOT for discussion posting. If you wish to post a question or to ask for opinions, please do so in the applicable Natural Family Living Forum or subforum.

Prerequisite to Post: To maintain the integrity of this forum, a member must have a minimum of 50 posts and have been a member for 2 months (60 days).

One Thread Per Product/Service Please Please peruse the threads to see if the item/product or service or resource you desire to review has been reviewed before. If so please post to that thread to add your review. If a previous review does not exist you may begin a new thread. Please use only the product name as the title of the thread to make searching simpler for members. Please do not use thread icons.

Please Use Our Form Follow this link to our Reviews Form which you may cut and paste into your review post to help you offer a more comprehensive review. The items on the form are guides only and not mandatory. Only appropriate and useful information need be included.

Time Allotment: Please allow 24 to 72 hours for your review to post. All posts are reviewed by the moderator before being submitted as a thread/to the thread.

#1. This board will allow for both positive and negative reviews Negative reviews must not be written 'off the cuff' with spiteful intent, but with the intention of alerting other members to negative experiences. All responses need be constructive and tactful in nature on all accounts. Customer service issues, shipping expedience, rapid refunds or exchanges, discrepancies in product solicitation and actual receipt are welcome. That said, this review board will not be a place to work through negative feelings toward a business or business owner.

#2. Word of Mouth Reviews In no case will 'word' of another's experience or opinion be a part of a review. Reviews must be based upon first-hand, personal experience.

#3. Resolving Discrepancies MDC will not take responsibility or mediate discrepancies between a business and a customer and MDC will not host an ongoing dialogue between the two members. We ask that if a discrepancy has been resolved, that the original poster of the negative review please return to place an update regarding the resolution for the benefit of our members.

#4. Responsibility As a member of MDC, you are to be responsible for your words in your personal review. Before submitting any negative reviews of a business, customer service or product, please contact the business in question to resolve the issue. Hearsay will not be allowed as each review must be specific to your personal experience with the company or product. Broad sweeping statements are not tactful or constructive and may be defamatory - members must speak only from their personal interaction with the company and/or the product/service.
Please check the list below before submitting your review to make sure your review wouldn't be better suited to one of the following review forums:

Diapering Reviews

Homeschool Curriculum and Reviews

Babywearing Reviews

Natural Home and Body Care Reviews

Business Opportunities/Services

We reserve the right to not approve any post if we determine that it does not fulfill the requirements and guidelines for the NFL Review forum or is not in compliance with our User Agreement. Self-promotion is not permitted.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please PM me. Thank you for your cooperation and participation
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