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Natural Family Planning suggestions...

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Anyone have good advice on NFP books for us? Any personal experience to pass along? I'm nursing 2 boys and have only had AF 3 times in almost 4 years, but I feel like I'm going to have to expect her much sooner this time around.
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Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Awesome book. And the website is , ton of great info! I charted for "birth control" for a few months before we decided to get pregnant again. I then used charting temperatures & cervical fluids so we knew exactly what days I was fertile. I'm planning on starting charting again soon, as birth control again, still haven't gotten af back, ds is 11mos. old now.
"Your Fertility Signals: Using them to avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally" by M. Weinstein. I used it to prevent for years, and when we tried to conceive it worked so well!

Good luck!
I second Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wexler. I know tons of ladies who rave about this book. I just picked it up and will be starting it soon.
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I teach NFP and highly recommend Fertility Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon and The Art of Natural Family Planning by Couple to Couple League.
Thanks so much to everyone... I'm on my way to search library databases.
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Well i read some obscure book; "no risk birth control" maybe; it gave me more knowledge of my body than i ever knew before. did the charts, temperatures etc for a while, worked great for us; concieved dd exactly when we wanted to, knew the day she was made, the end of my ovulation(i heard thats a good time to try for a girl!)
shes 3 now and my cycle is pretty regular, 27 days. i dont keep track anymore, i watch the signs of my body, etc, and we get to have free sex for the last week before my period, circled on the calendar! we dont plan on more kids but dh is still queasy about having the big V.... i dont take any chances while i'm ovulating, or right after my period. we use condoms and caution!
i am not sure how reliable our free week is, i know it is possible to ovulate twice in a cycle, but this way has worked for us so far!!(knock wood) and i cant imagine using something else at this point. i like not being altered, i dont mind being careful 3/4 of the time.... but dh better get snipped eventually!

edited to add, funny i was nursing two boys not so long ago( a lifetime though
); and , btw i got my period one month pp all three times!
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Thanks for the information, Peacepie. I will look for that one too.

My 3 year old seems to be weaning, and I don't want it to end-
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Don't forget to check out the Famil Planning board here!

If you can find someone that teaches classes I recommend it!! We took NFP classes on the Creighton Model and I though it was great. Uh, I don't recommend using a condom during a fertile day though...oops!
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I would also ditto Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Great book. Helped me get in touch with my bod.
nak -- definetley check out the family planning board. tons of info & a tta thread
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Huge ditto to rec for Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wexler. Great book, great website too. I understood my body for the first time after reading this book, and it made it so easy to avoid pregnancy after coming off bcp's for a long time, and then to conceive.
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