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Originally posted by shamanmage
Thanks for the tip on the spiders. I will try that as my spiders are relentless.
I took the plunge and bought guinea hens. They are supposedly great at curbing bugs (ticks, ants, fleas, etc.). I love them. They are so funny looking and make the cutest noises. They work all day long feasting on who knows what in the soil. They don't go more than 20 feet from the house. Since I got them, no more fire ants in the house. I know guineas aren't an answer for everybody, but I am now a big advocate.

i grew up on a farm and had quineas and other chickens and just LOVE them lol. they really are awsome. was talking to dh about this lastnight how they kept the tick and other pest population down, we never used chemicals and never had issues with pest infestations, even in an old farm house. we also used hedge apples which we had a row of them in the pasture. not sure how effective they are on all pests, but never had real issues of pests in the house. we had them in corners and such (these are poisenoius so if you do use them, keep them in a place children and pets have no acess).
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