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natural hair highlights?

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i've been tempted to get highlights in my hair; some large blocks of red and reddish brown, porbably. my mum just gave me the money to do it
but once i thought it through i realised i didn't want to bleach my hair at all. is there some natural/healthy way of getting highlights? i'm done with my many yrs of henna and would like to get somehting done professionally, without destroying my hair.
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Unfortunately henna and herbal stuff is the only way to go with hair color for anything remotely natural. If you are bored one day, you can try hibiscus tea for red highlights, black tea or apple cider vinegar for brunette highlights (try sitting in the sun for that one), or lemon juice (also helps being in the sun) for blonde hair.

I saw some herbal dyes in the natural shops and Whole Foods. You can grab whatever colors you like and tell your haircare professional to do it for you. That way it'll be a treat for you and your hair.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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