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Hey all you natural beauties!
Spring is definately blowing our way here in CA...this post could be too premature for the rest of the country, sorry

I walk and hike a lot with my girls and like to get some sun on my light brown, well roots are
I always loved as a kid, spraying lemon in my hair to get the "sun-in" effects...
As I have grown, had dreads, cut dreads along with all my blonde highlights~Im in the bland, kinda long brown school marm look now...
My sis is a colorist and is always begging me to go to her "side", but I don't want to be a slave to art color anyway so back to lemons...

My Lightening Recipe Last Summer~lookin for yours to perfect!

1 Big Lemon
3 drops Aloe Vera Gel/juice
Chamomile Tea strongly diffused

Spray and bask in the Sun...

Any tips along these lines?

Love and Light ~ and Happy Spring

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I'm curious about a (semi-)daily routine that supports blonder hair. Some of the no-poo recipes include ACV, rosemary, etc., which all darken the hair. What lightens the hair?

I wash with baking soda (1 Tbs/8 oz water) and then rinse with lemon juice (1 oz diluted to 8 oz). It works pretty well, but I'm thinking of switching to straight vinegar (same dilution) because it'll rinse cleaner.

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