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The other night DH was wanting to get an Ipod. Knwoing Wal-Mart would be cheapesy we headed over there.
: I am wanting to start exercising again so I headed over to the sports bra section and was checking them out. The aisle I was in had a bunch of pasties as well. It was a brand name section to this aisle so everything this brand offered was there.

Amongst the things were some silicone bra inserts. Never seeing one in real life before I opened one up. They really do look like chicken cuts!
They were ok looks wise...they had a nipple and what not but they were clear so not very "real". I guess as threy warm up they shape to your shape.

Anyways, I'm flippin' this thing around and DD snatches it out of my hand. I let her check it out while I read the box. I glance up about thirty seconds later and...............................

DD had latched onto the nipple and was trying to nurse!
: She's been quite the boobaholic lately (15 months old) but this took the cake!! I was dying in the aisle. I was laughing so hard she started laughing. All anyone around us could see was me and DD in the sling laughing our butts off at a clear silicone bra insert. Ahh to be a fly on that wall.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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