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natural nail polish

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Anyone ever try the natural products mentioned in this article?

I'm one of the biggest tomboys on the planet but when it warms up, I love to wear sandals and treat myself to a pedicure. I'm avoiding that now due to the fumes/chemicals but this natural polish sounds interesting...
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I've ordered from HoneyBee Gardens. I use the peel off and the other kind too. We really like them, but that may because I missed having anything painted for so long, that I was so EXCITED to get something natural.

My sister works for a natural food store, and they are going to try to add the line to their store too. It's not expensive, so go for it! We like it!!!
Awesome, thanks! I ended up ordering some of the longer-lasting type (not peel off). I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival!
For anyone curious, I ordered the nail polish and it is great! It is so weird to have it be odor-free!!! I have to use rubbing alcohol to remove it, as opposed to regular polish remover. It is a bit harder to remove but no problems. I definitely recommend it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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