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Natural/non-toxic interior paint

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I am 4 months pregnant, and in another month we will be moving into a new house. There are at least 3 rooms we'd like to paint. Dh does not have enough time to paint, but I will have the summer off and would have plenty of time.

I know because I am pregnant, I'm not supposed to be around paint fumes. But there's got to be a natural paint out there that's safe, right??

I know there's milk paint, which is fine for small projects and furniture, but not for interior painting.

Anyone know of anything else?

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I have used the Sherwin Williams Harmony Paint. It is a very low VOC paint.
Here is an article I found. Hope it helps.
****My choice is the second option

Green Products To Consider

Two of Sherwin-Williams GreenSmart environmentally preferred products for "green" interior home paint to consider (from Sherwin Williams Website):

Duration Home Interior Latex -- With its low VOC (volatile organic compound) and lower odor properties, Duration Home Interior Latex is environmentally preferred. Its waterborne formula and patented cross-linking technology mean superior washability, so you can wipe away most stains easily with water or mild soap. Duration Home resists shiny burnish marks and mildew, providing the ultimate in quality and performance.

****Harmony Interior Latex -- An ideal choice for environmentally preferred interior house paint. Designed with anti-microbial properties, Harmony Interior Latex offers a no-VOC, low odor and silica-free coating that allows occupancy of newly painted spaces. The waterborne formula is available as both a primer and a topcoat in egg-shell, flat and semi-gloss finishes.
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I second HopeElise - I've worked with a Green design interior designer and that's what she uses. They do actually have milk-based paints that are for large scale projects, but I don't have my product sheets with me that suggest brands.

Sherwin Williams, as HopeElise suggested would be your best bet with no availability issues.
I really liked Kelly-Moore Enviro-cote. Then, later, when I had more home improvement projects to tackle, it turned out they had been bought by Sherman Williams and I used the Harmony. My understanding is that Kelly-Moore is still available elsewhere, but not here. I liked the Enviro-cote a little better. But the Harmony was definitely good too!! I just seem to remember the Enviro-cote being a little less fum-ey (if that's a word.)

Also, it's my understanding that the deeper, darker colors will emit more VOCs, so we went with lighter colors. Not as fun, but oh well.
I seem to recall there being a Behr paint that was low-VOC. I'd have to ask dh as he was the one buying the paint when we moved and I was so surprised (as was our painter) that there was no smell the next day. (Painter said there was none as he painted.) DH surprised me with it.
If you do a google search for low VOC paint, you'll get a ton of online sources, too. There are a few that have SCRUMPTIOUS colors... however, the prices are very high.
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