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Natural Parenting Convention

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Hi! I am a mom who lives in Panama City, Florida. I am just throwing an idea out to see if there is any interest. I was wondering, if I decided to throw a Natural Parenting Convention, would any of you who sell diapers, natural clothes, and natural baby and mom products would be interested in coming here and having a booth or whatever? I am not sure how to go about it just yet but it is something I will work on if there is interest. I know there will be a fee for the Hall to do it at but if everyone pays a small amout that would work. I have ways of getting discounts. My SIL works at a huge resort here and I am sure that rooms for everyone would be cheap. Just a thought. I mean if I did this I would throw it together a year ahead of time so everyone has a chance to do everything they need to.

Thanks, Jenn
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If you have retailers & wholesalers as vendors, who would be the attendees?
What I want to do is show parents in our community that there are different things out there. I have yet to see a mom with a sling besides myself. I have only met one mom that uses cloth and everywhere ya look there are diaper bags with Balmex and all that commercial chemical funk in them. I want to show them that there are alternatives to the 2.99 bottle of Johnson's baby wash and that 65 count of Pampers. So the attenders will be local parents. Panama City isn't just party central anymore. Families live here and work here and everywhere you look we are getting more family oriented. I think it would be an awsome thing to boost sells in WAHM biz.
I think the words convention & booth are throwing me off...

What if you offered to throw a "natural parenting party" and contacted all the companies that make products you like. I'll bet they would offer you a commission on any product you sold at the party. You could educate people about natural parenting and all the wonderful resources out there. Maybe Mothering would even throw some magazines to give out.

Have I just changed your idea completely? If I did, I'm sorry. I think you are on the right track though.
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