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natural progesterone

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I am early in my pregnancy and just found out I have low Progesterone levels. My Dr. wants to put me on a prescription, synthetic, progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. I would also have to stop nursing my 10 month old. I do not want to do either of these...but do not want to miscarry. I am VERY interested in using a natural progesterone throughout my pregnancy: to prevent miscarriage and preterm labor (which I also have a history of). I have not found any great help in this area and feel very confused of what to do. Please help! Thank you and God bless,
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I'm not pregnant but saw this in new posts and wanted to throw in my experience. I take natural progesterone that I have a compounding pharmacy compound for me because i have low progesterone levels during my cycle normally. I love it, it hasn't had any negative side effects so far. I feel great on it, much better than I normally do and I have no cramps during my super-light periods. It's really easy to have the compounding pharmacy do it and ship it to me. I'm not helpful at all about pregnancy questions, but just wanted to throw that out there, FWIW.
I was on progesterone for the 1st trimester of my first pregnancy because of a luteal phase defect. My doctor had a compounding pharmacy make my suppositories, but that wasn't keeping my levels high enough and I had to switch to injections. My doctor assured me that my son would not have hypospadais (sp?) b/c the progesterone was not synthetic in the same way the pills are. Check with your dr about dosage - the natural form I believe you are talking about may not be enough.

I hope that you can find a way not to wean, but maybe your 10 month old can nurse again after the baby is born? Or, could you pump for the rest of the first trimester and nurse again after the progesterone therapy is over? I might be facing the same decision myself. My DS is 15 months and nursing as much as he can, I'm 6 wks pregnant and my progesterone levels were great when I got them checked at 5 wks, but I fear them falling before the placenta begins producing the hormone.

Good luck to you
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just wanted to say that after an early miscarriage i did a lot of research into natural progesterone cream.

i talked with a natural pharmacist, who said the suppositories are by far the most effective source of progesterone, but i don't know whether they were natural progesterone or synthetic.

i also read a lot on this site, which IS selling a natural cream, but is very detailed in dosing info, in case you wanted to discuss dosing w/ your dr. i do NOT know how the doses compare to what your dr. would want you on, obviously, but they make sure to caution that if you're using this product and become pregnant, to use it through your whole labor.

i hope you get better and more info - the birth and beyond forum has a lot of midwife activity
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I've taken prometrium with my past two pregnancies. It is made from yams and is bioidentical. So while it is "synthetic" it is also natural. Perhaps you could look into it.
More information on progesterone that might help. I just found out today that my level dropped from 48 at 4wks to 21 at 6 wks, so my midwife is starting me on progesterone injections. We're skipping the suppositories because I had such poor absorption with them with my previous pregnancy. She says I do not have to wean, that she hasn't ever heard of that in her experience. I'm on Watson Pharmaceuticals prog. in sesame oil. I'm not sure if it's natural or not, but I checked (a wonderful resource) and progesterone is listed as safe for breastfeeding there. Here's the link
Talk with your doctor, but I think you'll be fine.
Take care....
thank you all for your advice and stories. I did not have a peace about taking the prometrium and ended up stopping after about two weeks. It was making me feel sick, and I also researched just a tiny bit about it, and found out it is not even approved by the FDA for pregnant women. It was made for menopausal women. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing great! Thank you!
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